Walter Knoll’s Turtle chair

Walter Knoll's Turtle chair

JAN HENDERSON visited the Walter Knoll workroom in Adelaide recently, and was most impressed with this unusual Turtle chair.

The Turtle design is an iconic member of the Walter Knoll furniture family, but this chair has a brand new look, fully upholstered in leather and a fabric made of straw. This unusual combination presented challenges for the upholsterer, and the time-honoured stitching method used to create the Turtle had to be re-engineered.

Phil Kiely and his team replaced the twin stitch with a top stitch when attaching the main outer straw face of the cover to the straw border on the shell. Sewing a single top stitch on the seam alleviated the problem of the straw fabric pulling under pressure, ensuring the seam would sit flat. A great outcome, and a job worth recording.

The Turtle 1866 was finished in custom fabrics, Specified Textile Leather, sovereign 42A Cognac and Elliott Clarke Dakar colour straw.

A few facts about the Turtle chair

Turtle is an expressive interpretation of the bucket seat, which comes with a swivel base plate, a 4-star swivel base, or a 4-leg base. The back buckets are available in white or black plastic – alternatively with fabric or leather covers. Turtle is a low-level lounge chair and is also available as a matching dinning chair with an extended seat-height.

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