Architectural space exhibitions at RMIT

Malte Wagenfeld: Parmington, Ayyar  de Gruchy, Watkins, 2007.

THREE NEW exhibitions at RMIT Gallery explore the role of light, air and sound in contemporary architectural space.

Spatial listening (Chelle Macnaughtan), Intangible architecture (Ainslie Murray) and Aesthetics of air (Malte Wagenfeld) were opened last week by acclaimed Finnish architect, professor and artist, Juhani Pallasmaa.

Chelle Macnaughtan’s background in music, interior design and architecture has focused her transdisciplinary practice in spatial listening.

Munich-based Sydney architect and artist Ainslie Murray’s work points to a new way of understanding architectural space and the way we move in it. This intangible architecture is an invisible architecture of the air that relies wholly upon reading absence over presence and disturbance over inertia.

Industrial designer Malte Wagenfeld, Program Director of Industrial Design at RMIT University, will exhibit a series of installations using lasers and fog that give us a glimpse into the stunning complexity and beauty of air, and allow us to contemplate how we might work with this medium.

The exhibitions run until 28 May.

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