Kew House 3 by Vibe Design Group

Kew House 3 by Vibe Design Group.

KEW HOUSE 3, by Melbourne-based Vibe Design Group, is inspired by stereo cabinets of the 1960s and ’70s. The clients wanted an open, more interactive street presence which led to a very different design response.

The slatted timber on the façade reflects the slotted speaker elements of a stereo cabinet while the angled steel posts the house sits on are reminiscent of stereo cabinet legs.

Perhaps despite the stereo references, the project sits well in its bushy context. Silvertop Ash clads the building which will eventually grey to blend with the surrounding trees.

On the rear façade, ExoTec Façade Panel System offers a refreshing contrast to the timber while the cutout element of the living area window directs the line of sight down to the pool, BBQ area and backyard space.

Once inside, the interior begins with a flat veneer wall creating the feeling of being at the base of a huge tree. Behind hidden doors are the cloak, powder room, cellar and kitchen. This house is open, yet private, and the timber feature wall of the interior invites a journey of discovery.

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