B&B Italia’s Doyl chair

The Doyl chair.

B&B ITALIA’S Doyl chair is a simple, comfortable chair with refined details created in just one material. The Doyl chair offers a refreshing reinterpretation of a padded leather chair where the classic proportions are inverted, transforming lines that are normally concave into convex sections, whilst enhancing the softness of the chair.

Designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti placed great importance on graphic markings, created through continuous stitching on both the fronts and backs of the chair which correspond to the cutting lines and junctions of the thick leather. However, the leather is folded, curved and turned inside out, but never cut.

The padding adds surprising comfort for a leather chair, while alternative technical materials offer brightly coloured variations.

The B&B Italia Doyl chair is available from Space Furniture.

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