Miele’s Supertronic laundry appliances

Miele W 5000 WPS Supertronic Washing Machine and Miele T 8000 WP Supertronic HeatPump Dryer.

MIELE HAS two new product ranges – the Miele W 5000 WPS Supertronic Washing Machine and the Miele T 8000 WP Supertronic HeatPump Dryer.

The washing machine has an automatic detergent dispenser and a SteamCare function that reduces the need for ironing. The dispenser delivers the correct amount of either powder or liquid by adapting to the size of the load, level of soiling and the wash program selected. With a capacity of four litres, the dispenser holds enough detergent for around 100 wash cycles.The automatic dispenser is a separate unit with its own electronic controls, electrical connections, water intake, and delivery hoses which link it to the washing machine.

Miele’s W 5000 washing machine also has three different steam programs. These can be added to the end of a wash cycle or used as a separate function and includes a “freshen up” function. This function smoothes and refreshes dry garments which may have only been worn once or have been stored for a while. The steam generator is maintenance free and does not require descaling.

In addition, the washing machine has an eight kilogram capacity, 4.5 star energy and WELS efficiency ratings and large easy-to-read backlit touch display.

The Miele T 8000 WP Supertronic HeatPump Dryer also has an eight kilogram capacity and touch controls. With a heat pump to heat the air, the dryer uses approximately half the energy of a conventional condenser tumble dryer giving it a 6 star energy rating. The dryer senses when a load is dry and has separate motors for the drum and fan allowing the drum to rotate in either direction.

These appliances eliminate unnecessary steps such as ironing and save users time, power and detergent.

All current Miele laundry appliances are tested to the equivalent of twenty years usage.

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